My New Sixty Two and very alpha build of my mapping app.  Working nicely on it’s own for hours at a time now, needs some more optimisation for it to work well with video too, but I should have that in hand.

DJ mapper update (by cyrusbuk)

Proof of concept, projection mapped turntables combined with mix emergency output.

Image lag is vastly improved, running at around 40-50 fps throughout, all running from single mpb.

Awesome, just so pleased i can make it work at 10.8.  Still lots to do.

Been busy, mostly with the guts, but new animations and features too. Much slicker inside, done a lot of trimming, optimising and adding customisability. I’ve built my own custom app for the projection mapping and controlling the surfaces, lost some midi control for now, but that’s going back in. ME now outputs as normal, so I can intergate this with a full audio visual set with ME as the output, prob controlling even more QC compositions.

Support for other software almost done.

Bit of a rough and ready video, need it for a demo, don’t expect any nice mixing or sound in this one

Just got a standalone app working, w00t!  Performance is as for the QC app, so all those little changes I’ve been working on paid off when just running SLL and my DJ mapper. 

Linking to Mix Emergency is a little slower, I think because I now have 3 apps running, however, linking is done via an invisible overlay, meaning that ME can play it’s regular videos as well.  So a 2 external screen system should (in theory) be able to do the Projection Mapped decks, as well as full video output, result!

However my laptop is struggling at this stage, SL slows it’s screen updates under loads, so when ME is running as well as my app, it’s just a little to much for it….  No video yet.

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The beta for Serato Video is out, was working on it last night, figured out how to hack it to get my stuff working, more to come.

I got a placeholder for my website while I decide what I want to do with the software, I’m looking into various things, at the very least I got to work out what’s using what to make sure licenses are in order.


A quick little mix showing off my projection mapping app.

I’m not the most accomplished of djs, but give it a go.

Projection Mapping Quartz composer and Kinect (by cyrusbuk)

Got a Kinect and hooked it up to my mac, this is my first go at a 3d illusion using the head tracking.

Working with my Twitch.

More Scratch Live Mapping.

New projector lets me setup much closer to the decks, so they’re no longer on the floor.  In this one I mapped the zoomed waveform to the platter, giving a realtime readout of the exact position of the audio on the platter.

Been messing around more with projection mapping.  This comes from an idea I’ve had for a while on how Serato Scratch Live could display more information on the vinyl.  You used to be able to tell a few things from looking at the grooves of a vinyl record, from roughly how long the track had left, and being able to identify specific sections on the track. I initialy thought about using a rotating wave form, but instead went straight for the SSL deck infos which give out loads of info.

Having got the track info on there, I started wondering how I could map some of the other useful features in SSL, maybe get a complete interface on the decks and mixer and get the laptop out of sight altogether.  The library browsing still presents a problem, I don’t think my beamer has the resolution to properly display it in a mapped area.