Run through of my beta, very basic features at the moment, but it’s a platform for great things to come.

Think that’s pretty much it, ready to for beta.  Going to sleep on it tonight and give it a look in the morning, but something should be available in the next couple of days.

Adding the finishing touches to the User interface, human readable strings, alerts and warnings, that sort of stuff.

App is feature complete for beta launch, no longer crashes, glitches dealt with, can be registered, looks fairly tidy.

Dreading what beta could find, but that’s what they’re there for.

I now have seriouscyrus @, any inquiries regarding the projection mapping project can be directed there.

Finally! app can be registered with a code that I can generate, it was easier than I thought, and I put it off for ages.

Need to make a few final changes to the GUI, but that should be it for a first beta.

It’s carnival time here in Luzern, it’s crazy, the whole town dresses up and gets drunk for 5 days.

Just looking through my past posts and wondering how many times I thought I had almost finished the app, quite a few times it seems!  

All major crashes and hangs seem to be out of the way and I’m currently implementing a registration system.  The UI is tighter controlled to stop the user doing unexpected and unwanted things.

I think I’ve solved my final major crash causing bug, I feel like dancing a little jig.  It’s been months poking around the same bits of code, tweaking bits here and there, one fix would cause another problem elsewhere, really demoralising, but now I can move on again!

The app is now that much closer to release, it’s useable in it’s current form, with a few quirks still there, but at least it’s reliable.

The app is so close to being finished it’s driving me crazy, couple of random bugs that don’t effect performance when it’s running. It drives me mad, it works, it works great, and I want to release a great product, but I’m struggling with occasional crashes.

I need to implement so many things, and I’m stuck with UI issues and copy protection; i have to face the fact i’m gonna have to get some help.  So I’m gonna make a free buggy demo alpha version, in the hope of attracting investors/collaborators.

Another bug fixed after a week of getting nowhere, fix makes no sense, did a whole bunch of clever stuff to try and fix the problem, nothing got anywhere. But then, while subclassing methods for debugging, it finally starts working! even though the the subclass method does nothing but log a message to the console and call the super.  Ugh, it makes no sense.