Arghhh, all I wanted to do was setup some nice unit testing in preparation of a full release, instead I’ve been fighting XCode for the last six days.

Here’s a word of advice, don’t ever turn on XCode Server service.  

I’m running the latest official version of osx server, turning that xcode service on has completely destroyed my server performance.  I can no longer login remotely after a restart and have to login directly, performance is shockingly bad, windows and apps take ages to open, screen sharing is slow, but there’s no obvious indication as to what’s causing the problems, but I know it’s that bloody xcode service.

So let’s just turn it off, doesn’t do a damned thing, performance is still borked, can no longer stream movies, still can’t login remotely, it’s terrible.

So, thought i’d try the xcode server services, looked like it had some good features, so i start going through setup.

First off, recreate a new repository on the server, thought i’d just use the create remote function from my dev machine. Creates it just fine but then won’t access it. After an hour or so, i figure out it’s because my project has a space in it’s directory name. Maybe a silly mistake on my part.

I got my repository working and create my first bot, it fails and can’t find my code signing id. Guess what, that little xcode facility to manage your profiles? Yeah, it does a terrible job, different things available from the server to the dev machine, but xcode thinks everything is fine, and won’t let you add certificates it thinks it has even though they aren’t listed.

After a bit of searching i found many problems from other users on how to manually update the profiles between the machines and i get a step further.

To hit another problem, code signing and frameworks, after a couple of hours on that i’d had enough for the day and headed to the pub. Think i’ve since found my solution online.

In short, it’s nowhere near as simple as it looks, except for the simplest of projects, expect many hours of frustration

Oops, missed something important, adding image processors could cause major problems, now fixed.

A new version available, and so soon after the last! More major updates to functionality, download here:

See the new mapping functionality in action in this brief clip:

Release notes here:

Reality Augmenter, seratoDj, Syphon and Mix Emergency.

Testing out my new shaders and rendering pipeline, getting much better performance and tidied up the look.


Pretty pleased with the stability of the new version, I’d got a little bit used to the unreliable nature of previous versions, and probably didn’t notice the problems as much as I should have.

The next update is coming along nicely, probably a new version before the end of the week.  All the functionality from the single chop areas has been removed, and they’ve been hidden from the user, but still automatically maintained.  Their functionality has been moved to the outputs screen, and handled directly in shaders, rather than predrawn in an FBO, leading to better performance and a cleaner UI.

For those waiting for a full version, I’m hoping to release by the end of the month.  With the reliability issue sorted, there’s just a few things left I want to do.

Finally, I got a new version:

Hopefully the next update won’t be so long…

Just about finished testing, getting some really good performance, and no crashes or hangs!  It was a major rewrite, but really really needed.

Writing up release notes and finishing loose ends, should have a new release tomorrow.

Had to hang back on some new features, so there’ll probably be a new release soon after this one too.  I can finally concentrate on something other than the rendering….

A few issues turned up during testing that I need to get right, but nothing terrible, not going to make it this week, hopefully a couple more days.

 On the plus side, it seems to be running better than ever, much less of a hog in many aspects.